Sunday, January 10, 2016

Serengeti National Park, January 9, 2016

Well, I made the night!  There was a hyena trying to get into the garbage can and howling but that was about all of the excitement.

Sunrise at the campsight -

The Serengeti-

Our first sighting of the day..... A pride of lions-

I could watch them for hours!  If they aren't hungry, they do nothing but laze around.

Marabou storks, one of the "big five ugly" list with vultures, hyenas, wildebeest and warthogs-

A Marabou up close-

I told you they were ugly!

Lions in a tree-

Too cute!

Not more baboons!  At least these didn't hop in our jeep while we weren't looking and steal a bag of bananas!  They are faster than lightning-

And more giraffes!

I thought I better get a photo with my favorite -


This time it was a leopard n the tree-

The Long Tailed Starling-

More lions-

A Crowned Bustard-

The first time I've seen a topi.  They have very different coloring-

Weaver nests: their song is loud and beautiful.  Some are bright yellow like our finches-

We have spent 3 wonderful, unbelievable days amongst some beautiful creatures.  This trip has been absolutely amazing! 

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