Monday, January 4, 2016

Unforgettable Uganda

I spent about 2 weeks here and enjoyed my time.  The people work very hard, doing most things manually, especially farming.  I saw only one team of oxen the whole time.  Usually men and women work side by side, hoeing their plots. 

Rent is cheap at $20/month for a 12 x 12 room which contains a bed, sofa and chair.  Cooking is done outside on the covered veranda.  Power costs $8/month.   They seem to eat only to fill the hole, which was disappointing  - rolexes being the best thing I had - it's fried egg rolled up in a chapatti.  It can be augmented wth avocado, onion, tomato and cabbage etc.  

Highways are mostly good except there are numerous speed bumps and rundle strips at every village and or town and there seem to be one of them every few kilometers.
The children are sooo cute.  I visited a couple of orphanages and in spite of their situations, they seem happy.  

The landscape is hilly and very lush.  Main crops appear to be corn and sweet potatoes which are hilled everywhere.  I've eaten the sweetest pineapple ever and of course tons of bananas.  Avocado are gigantic and excellent.  Meat (chicken) on a stick is popular at roadside stands.

JInja is an adventure capital where I did some white water rafting in class 4 and 5 rapids! I also had a warm shower everywhere I went and believe it or not, that's a bonus! 

Women must hate their Afro hair because most get some kind of extensions.  I decided to go African so I have long, tiny braids.  I'm not liking it too much because it feels like phentex, is hot and heavy and takes hours to dry.  I'm not sure how long I'll keep it.

Uganda is definitely a place to visit.  It's fairly cheap, the people are great and there is lots to do.  If, however, you're hoping for a "foodie" tour, you might not enjoy it so much! 

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