Saturday, January 16, 2016

Zanzibar Island, January 15, 2016

I did 2 dives today: at Kichuani and Wattabomi which are south east of Zanzibar.

As usual, I was nervous for the first 10 minutes or so, almost to the point of wanting to quit but then I calmed down.  I truly believe I must have drowned in a previous life-

I borrowed a go-pro for free and that was the best thing ever.  Not only did I get to take my own pictures, but I now know that I won't be buying my own.  I think I would be better off buying an underwater case for my camera but we'll see.  The way I go through cameras, that might be a waste too.

I saw a lot of fish including a Damselfish, Palette Surgeonfish (Dori from Findng Nemo) and a Red Toothed Trigger fish-

A Trumpet fish, Yellow Finned Goat fish and a Starry Puffer or Guinea Fowl Puffer-

As well, a Regal Angelfish, any Anemone fish and a Cerulean Damselfish -

A Bearded Moray eel, a Raccoon Butterfly fish and a Moorish Idol-

Another Moorish Idol, Trigger fish and Lizard fish-

A new one for me was the Frog fish - the orange blob on the rock. It's eye is the large black spot-

The coral was nice-

As was the anemone which usually has Anemone crabs living in it-

Skunk anemone living on the anemone-

There were many schools of fish just passing by-

Yellow snapper-

Catfish eel-


The dive is not complete without a starfish-

The ride home was very wavy and took a couple of hours.  In the evening, we went on a sunset booze cruise with drummers, dancing and singing.  Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow.


  1. I was surprised how many people had go pro's on my trip and how robust they are (Dave put it all over the truck, different positions, even fell off onto the road a couple of times, never got damaged)
    He took his diving as well, some great videos
    The diving was pretty good out there, Mark had his favourite company
    I never like the booze cruise (not being a great drinker myself)
    Some really good (cheap) sea food out there
    You still have a lot of adventures to look forward to

  2. Hi Allison,
    Have been thinking about you lately, especially today, and took some time to catch up on your blog. Think I'll need more time. WOW! Love to hear and see about your adventures. Certainly not things that I would have the courage for, so appreciate 'pretending' through you. Love your insights and truthful perceptions of these places. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Today I've had the most amazing underwater experience I would never had the courage to do myself, thanks Alli. Loving the tan 😎


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