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Utila, Honduras, el 28 de Febrero, 2017

These signs must be a Honduran thing-

Utila differs a lot from Caye Caulker and Little Corn.  First, the streets are mostly paved and smooth!  There are many small restaurants and shops lining both sides and there is little, if any garbage lying around thanks to the many garbage cans.  Scooters, golf carts and tuk tuks provide transportation but they aren't annoying.  There are no Chinese running the shops and it seems more of a place to 'live' rather than simply a place for tourists to abuse.  English and Spanish are spoken - NO creole!  It has a really good vibe and I like it already-

Breakfast was a super baleada with onions, beans, chicken, cheese, eggs, avocado, lettuce and tomatoe.  It was delicious-

Utila is Robinson Crusoe's island.  He was shipwrecked and washed onto shore at "D".  He built a tent over a cave and called it his castle until it collapsed from a tremor.  He walked up to "F" - Pumpkin Hill to look for ships.  Eventually he tired o…

San Pedro Sula to Utila, Honduras, el 27 de Febrero, 2017

We had some time to kill before our flight so went to a couple nearby malls.  We could have been in Canada they were so similar, however, apparently they are still celebrating Valentine's Day.  I asked a woman walking by to take our picture - she shook her head no.  I told her it was simple and showed her how to just point and shoot-

She tried again-

Carolyn was pissing herself laughing.  The woman gave back the camera saying she was 'loco' so I finally asked a security guard who did a better job-

While waiting at the San Pedro Sula airport for our flight to La Cieba and then on to Utila, I heard a very quickly spoken announcement saying something about Utila and Roatan.  All of a sudden,  boarding started.  There seemed to be A LOT of people going our way but we noticed everyone had 'normal' looking cardboard type boarding passes and ours were just slips of paper.  We were only a few people away from the attendants checking passes when we realized the flight was goin…

Managua, Nicaragua to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, el 26 de Febrero, 2017

I like travelling by land.  I guess my 2 overlands and plans for a third attest to that.  There is just something about driving through an area that for me is super interesting.  It's the ability to interact with the people and see how they live that I like-things you never see in an airplane.  So this morning we left Managua, Nicaragua for San Pedro Sula, Honduras - 14 hours and 601 km away-

Thankfully we were on a very new Ticabus with wifi, at least while we were in Nicaragua, excellent air conditioning, movies and a toilet, which was only to be used for peeing-

Not sure what you were supposed to do if you had to go because we only stopped 3 times: twice at borders and once in Tegucigalpa!  I chose front seats because I like to look forward but the blind on the windshield couldn't be raised so I had to slouch down.  Eventually I moved to the back.
Southern Honduras is dry and poor.  Kids run out onto the highway begging for money and food-

I haven't seen much harvesting equ…

Little Corn Island to Managua, Nicaragua, el 21-25 Febrero, 2017

Little Corn is pretty laid back-

but sometimes there is work to do.  Paving stones are brought to the island in boats and men haul them on carts to build walking paths.  It's hot, hard work-

Lobster fishing season has ended so all the traps are coming in.  They too are hauled on carts and stored until next season-

There is one sidewalk that makes up Main Street and almost everything is along this street.  Homes-


 the police station-

and the school-

are along the street.  There's a lot of garbage, mainly empty pop bottles and junk food wrappers that eventually get raked into piles and burned.  The garbage is supposed to be hauled off the island but rumour has it that it's just thrown into the water a few miles from shore.
Laundry is done by hand and most homes appear to have a well so at least they aren't just relying on rainwater-

Food includes bruschetta, sopa maruchin and huevo tacos-

I only dove three times: 2 day dives and a night dive.  I was really lazy and maybe sh…

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, el 19-20 Febrero, 2017

Things are pretty slow here, almost stopped!  Carolyn is taking her open water so I've just been hanging out.  
Sunday was the final tournament for the local baseball teams.  Four teams were playing, including two from Big Corn Island.  It's only for fun of course but the best entertainment is listening to the fans.  They speak some of three languages: English, Spanish and Creole.  It's a unique language, special to Little Corn-

Beer flows but is expensive at $1.78 and admittance to the bleachers-

 was 90 cents.  I sat on a pile of paving stones, right beside the home dugout.  Uniforms don't match and any ball hit into the long grass is just 2 bases-

There are no home runs.  The base ump is blind and gets a lot of flack!
Walking around the island is possible on one sidewalk.  There's a very small cemetery-

This restaurant was closed but looks interesting, made out of glass bottles-

This cutie was hanging out at her mother's restaurant

Looks like I'm finally going t…