Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Volcan de Masaya, Nicaragua, el quince de Febrero, 2017

After breakfast we went on a tour of Barb and Reinie's property.  They have a few baby piña-

and many trees - avocado, orange, platanos, limón, cafe, mango, etc.  Their finca is lovely and they are lucky to have some very good employees who keep it looking nice.  They are just in the process of pruning and planting even more so are hoping to eventually be able to sell a lot of their produce-

Men are digging a 20,000 gallon reservoir for rain water.  It looks like a lot of work to me.  Luckily the ground isn't rock but volcanic ash so it's sort of easy to dig.  Everything is done manually-

Lunch was Mexican- tostados with chorizo, peppers, queso and onions.  It was too much-

My hotel is pretty cool.  There is a nice terrace with rocking chairs, a hammock, television and a well stocked kitchen.  I have my own bathroom and so far I'm the only one here!  It's like having my own house-

I was lined up at 4:30 to see Volcan Masaya but our convoy didn't leave until 6 pm.  Only 60 people are allowed up at once and only for 15 minutes.  It would have been nice to be there for sunset-

The crater is fairly small but you can see lava bubbling when the sulphur smoke blows away.  It last erupted in 2008-

I'm looking forward to Granada tomorrow - a boat tour in the islas with Barb and Reinie!

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