Monday, February 13, 2017

Juayua, El Salvador to Managua,Nicaragua, el 13 y 14 de Febrero, 2017

There is a 7 waterfall walk activity in Juayua that takes about 4 hours.  Having already done my hike of 2017, I passed and went village exploring yesterday.  However, the last couple of waterfalls are only a few kilometers from Juayua so this morning I went looking.

A  mermaid statue is at the fork in the road on the way to Los Chorros, the seventh waterfall-

The path is a bit tricky going down but easier going up-

It's a great swimming spot for locals but early in the morning, I had it all to myself-

I said farewell to my great hotel and headed for the airport.  The drive was uneventful-

Well, sort of.  It's 122km and takes 3 hours.  No accidents or anything like that but I didn't know where the airport Alamo office was to drop off my car.  The first policeman told me it was at the end of the terminal. There, a Budget employee told me it was 7 km back along the carreterra!  I was glad I had a lot of time!  I drove back about 14 km - nothing.  Finally I stopped in a gas station, only to be told it was on the other side, 8 km back!  At least he gave me excellent directions.  Soon I was shuttled to the terminal and on my 55 minute flight to Managua.

I stayed at Airport X Hotel which is a convenient 8 minute walk from the terminal.

Tuesday morning I picked up my Payless car and headed for the dentist.  My El Salvador car was a 2016 Nissan Versa - automatic, keyless entry, fancy, fancy.  This car is a 2014 beat up wreck!  It took forever to go over the car marking all the dints and scrapes!  Oh well, probably a better vehicle for me to drive in this crazy place!

I had a 9 am appointment with a dentista and thought I had plenty of time but underestimated the trafico so arrived late, which didn't matter because so had the dentistas!  A couple hours later -

I had my temporary crown!  I'm going back Friday afternoon to get the permanent one installed.  Barb and Reinie Jahnke from Rosetown also had appointments and after a stop at Nicaragua's Costco, we drove back to their home.  It's where I spent New Year's Eve with all the bombas.  It's much quieter at this time of year!

What I didn't realize is that their house is directly above Casa de Sol where I stayed with Minishes on Laguna Apoyo.  Because the road weaves around so much, I had no clue where we were!

Granada is across Laguna Apoyo-

Downtown is very visible with binoculars.  I'm going to explore Granada on Thursday-

Looking forward to the Masaya Volcano tomorrow night!

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