Saturday, February 4, 2017

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, el tres de febrero, 2017

I wasn't sad to leave Belize - too humid, too expensive, TOO MANY NO SEE 'EMS!!!!  My body is literally covered with scabs from where I can't help but scratch.  I didn't mind Sail Fish Resort, probably the most interesting thing was the iguanas hanging out in the sewers-

Unfortunately, there was no restaurant so it was a 15 minute walk to Main Street and places where prices were outrageous - $12 for yesterday's cooked bacon, 2 eggs, white toast and potato chunks with a cup of microwave heated coffee.  Thanks but I'm out of here!

I was told to be at the boat by 8:30 for a 9:00 departure-

About 9:15 we left Placencia, only to go to Independence where people kept coming and coming to board to go to Honduras.  The immigration officials were called and about an hour later they showed up.  Finally, at 11:40 we left Belize!  What was 'advertized' as a 2 hour trip turned out to be much longer because it took until 2:15 to get to Honduras.  

There were numerous tourists and Hondurans on the boat.  All of a sudden, a big black chicken was clucking and sitting on the seats.  A woman grabbed her and put her in a box-

then found 3 chicks under the bench.  She shoved them in the box too and tied it closed.  About an hour into the trip, they started clucking so she gave them a drink of water-

I've been on lots of chicken buses with no chickens. I didn't realize there was such a thing as a chicken boat!

Once arrived in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, we went one at a time ??? through immigration.  I was finally "in" Honduras by 3:10!!!  The last bus left San Pedro Sula for Copan Ruinas at 4 pm and that was still 1-2 hours away.  So I ended up spending the night in San Pedro Sula, which wasn't the end of the world, except I already had a paid reservation in Copan Ruinas.  Oh well.....  An interesting thing was I've made reservations for most of my trip ahead of time because I never wanted to arrive somewhere in the dark without someplace to stay.  Well, tonight I did and it was so easy.  I just asked a taxi driver to take me to a close, cheap hotel and that's what happened, no problem!  I had the option of a room with or without a bathroom.  For another $2.22. I "splurged"!  Isn't that awesome!

Supper was down the street from my hotel and I had the best frijoles yet-

This whole meal of fried chicken, feta cheese, frijoles, avocado, tortillas and beer cost $3.59!  

I'm going to love Honduras!

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