Saturday, February 25, 2017

Little Corn Island to Managua, Nicaragua, el 21-25 Febrero, 2017

Little Corn is pretty laid back-

but sometimes there is work to do.  Paving stones are brought to the island in boats and men haul them on carts to build walking paths.  It's hot, hard work-

Lobster fishing season has ended so all the traps are coming in.  They too are hauled on carts and stored until next season-

There is one sidewalk that makes up Main Street and almost everything is along this street.  Homes-


 the police station-

and the school-

are along the street.  There's a lot of garbage, mainly empty pop bottles and junk food wrappers that eventually get raked into piles and burned.  The garbage is supposed to be hauled off the island but rumour has it that it's just thrown into the water a few miles from shore.

Laundry is done by hand and most homes appear to have a well so at least they aren't just relying on rainwater-

Food includes bruschetta, sopa maruchin and huevo tacos-

I only dove three times: 2 day dives and a night dive.  I was really lazy and maybe should have done a bit more, but there is still a lot of diving ahead.  I wasn't that impressed with my first dive but the second one was better because we dove through some canyons.  I liked that.  The night dive was good but there were 7 of us with one master.  He would show us something by drawing circles around it with his flashlight and by the time I got there, he was long gone and so was the fish!  I did see lots of plankton, huge lobster, 2 turtles, an octopus, a large grouper, sea cucumber, a snake and millions of orange eyes staring out from holes in the coral.  We shut off our lights and saw strings of Pearl - it looked like small Christmas lights hanging vertically.  I don't like night diving, mainly because there is absolutely no communication.  Before I knew it, the group appeared above me and they were already finishing the 3 minute safety stop!  I think it will be quite a while before I do another night dive.

This morning we took a 20 minute boat ride to Big Corn Island, then flew 55 minutes to Managua.  On the way to our hostel, we passed this revolution statue.  His right foot was blown apart with a bomb-

Large metal trees are along the main boulevards.  They are lit up in the night for 3 hours-

9 heroes are honoured in this park with their pictures on large banners-

One of the many traffic circles with an image of Chavez and more metal trees-

We're staying close to the Tica bus terminal because we have to be there by 4:30 to catch our 5 am bus to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  We paid an extra $10 US for air conditionning in our room and it is soooo sweet!  Should get a great sleep tonight!

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