Monday, February 20, 2017

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, el 19-20 Febrero, 2017

Things are pretty slow here, almost stopped!  Carolyn is taking her open water so I've just been hanging out.  

Sunday was the final tournament for the local baseball teams.  Four teams were playing, including two from Big Corn Island.  It's only for fun of course but the best entertainment is listening to the fans.  They speak some of three languages: English, Spanish and Creole.  It's a unique language, special to Little Corn-

Beer flows but is expensive at $1.78 and admittance to the bleachers-

 was 90 cents.  I sat on a pile of paving stones, right beside the home dugout.  Uniforms don't match and any ball hit into the long grass is just 2 bases-

There are no home runs.  The base ump is blind and gets a lot of flack!

Walking around the island is possible on one sidewalk.  There's a very small cemetery-

This restaurant was closed but looks interesting, made out of glass bottles-

This cutie was hanging out at her mother's restaurant

Looks like I'm finally going to go diving tomorrow!

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