Thursday, February 16, 2017

Granada, Nicaragua, el 16 de Febrero, 2017

Iglesia de Merced was rebuilt many times but this facade dates from the 1780s-

Inside is a little more modern: 1862-

Iglesia de Xalteva is named after the indigenous tribe that lived here when the Spaniards arrived.  Final restorations concluded in 1921 and it's in baroque style-

Our Lady of the Assumption was remodelled in 1972.  It's gigantic-

Paintings are just being completed on the ceiling-

The views of Granada from the bell tower are excellent-

I went on a 3 hour boat trip in Lago Nicaragua with La Bella Del Mar.  It's run by a fellow Canadian.  The boat is lovely and could hold 100 people but there were only 8 of us!

There are 365 islands, thanks to the explosions of Volcan Mombacho-

Volcan ConcepciĆ³n, on Isla Omotepe is to the left and Volcan Zapatera is on the right.  There are 50 volcanoes from the northwest Pacific to Lake Nicaragua.  20% of the land mass is protected and 10% of the world's biodiversity can be found here-

Volcan Mombacho is a strato volcano and 1344 meters high.  Its last eruption was in 1570, but it's not dead-

It was lovely spending the afternoon on the lake.  We stopped for swimming.  The water was really warm and it was fun going in on the water slide.  Afterwards, I said farewell to Barb and Reinie and went to my hostel.  Reading Facebook, I learned that friends I met in San Pedro La Laguna were here so I met them for a short visit.  They are spending the next month in San Juan Del Sur.  The travellers world is so small it seems!

There's a poetry event happening in Central Park.  Poets from all over the world read their work in their native tongue.  In the 20 minutes I was there, I heard Norwegian, Portugese, English and Spansih.  

Looking forward??? to my new tooth tomorrow but especially welcoming my sister Carolyn to Nicaragua!

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