Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Saturday was a take it easy kind of day.

Lunch was delicious.  You can't come to Thailand without eating.... Pad Thai-

papaya salad-

drinking iced coffee and eating jack fruit with crushed ice and sweet milk-

The regular night market is a mass of shops selling imitation everything from t-shirts to purses, flip-flops, knick-knacks and art-

Sunday was an easy day too.

Food stalls like this are everywhere.  I had the  best chicken curry chili with rice for $1.73!

I came along a fish spa that cost $2.77 for 10 minutes!

I had no idea what to expect!

It was soooo weird feeling, but once I was used to it, it was pretty cool.

Chiang Mai is full of surprises. Here I am with.....

Ya, you guessed it - a Lady Boy!

Here are some more!  They prance around in stilettos and the best looking bodies you've ever seen.  They can pull it off until they speak - they maintain their male voices and apparently their "packages"!

Thailand also embraces old white men with young Thai women.  They too are everywhere.  I met an 82 year old Dutch man who told me he had "learned his lesson" the hard way when his 28 year old Thai girlfriend left him with the car and condo he bought her.  He was wiser now because his girlfriend was 48, but she had her own business and apartment!

Tattoo shops are everywhere.  This is one of the coolest tats I've ever seen.  It's Buddha-

Chiang Mai is well known for its Saturday and Sunday night markets when village people bring their authentic Thai wares into town.  The market is huge and very popular-

Many musicians entertain-

There are all kinds of booths ... from basket weavers-

to lantern makers-

to soap makers-

Foot massages are popular and cheap.  Rows of chairs like this are everywhere-

And of course the food stalls are great...  from grilled meat-

to sushi-

A typical street in the touristy part of Chiang Mai consists of bars, massage/spa shops, restaurants, 7 11s, scooters and of course, lots of people. 

A massage shop waiting customers-

This is Bar Alley.  At the end of the path is a boxing ring-

Each bar is only about 20 feet wide but most have a pool table and numerous televisions-

Tomorrow it's a cooking class and.... a new tattoo!

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