Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is not only famous for its beach, but everything else that comes with tourists - bars, restaurants, tailors, tour shops, scooter and bicycle rentals, all concentrated in about four blocks.

Hon Tre Island is in the Bay of Nha Trang.  There are numerous other islands and many fishing boats and villages-

You go to Hon Tre Island for Vinpearl Land - an amusement park.  To get there, I took a cable car.  It's 3320 meters long, 40 - 60 meters high, and has 9 support pillars-

It is the longest offshore cable car system in the world and it takes 12 minutes to cross-

For the $25 ticket, you can go to the amusement park, an aquarium and a dolphin show.  The roller coaster is very lame, the pirate ship made me sea sick but the alpine track is sweet-

You go pretty much straight up the mountain, but then wind your way down, traveling up to 30 km/h... until you catch the person ahead of you :(

The aquarium is really cool, with a green tree python, a boa constrictor, a red cornsnake, chameleons and toads, just a few of the reptiles living there-

The aquatic life is excellent too-

There's a zebra turkey fish (top left) and a skunk cleaner shrimp (bottom right)-

It was a fun place to spend the afternoon.

Later on,  I had my nails shellacked for about $12!

To end the day, it was more pool, live music, chicken curry and beer!  How can you not love this life??

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