Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is a fairly new resort town and area.  People first came here in October 1995 to view a solar eclipse and voila, the area was 'discovered'.  Russians especially like it here.

Kitesurfing is big.  There are a couple in the background.  It looks like A LOT of fun and the people doing it were really good!

There are red and white sand dunes in the vicinity but I only saw the red ones.  People were renting out crazy carpets to slide down the hill-

Supper was crocodile!  It tastes like a combination of fish and chicken but it's pretty tough.  I wouldn't have it again-

Last night was darts, pool, watching soccer and a few beer.   On the way home, a woman was selling hard boiled quail eggs.  They taste just like hen's eggs-

 Tomorrow it's Nha Trang, another beach town!

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