Monday, November 24, 2014

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Days are pretty relaxed at Cat Ba but I am enjoying the sun and fine weather!  Unfortunately it hasn't been windy enough to rent the catamaran so....

I've mentionned it before but this particular bar/restaurant had not one, but two shrines to Buddha.  They must feel guity about something!  They offer everything - beer, cigarettes, rice, fruit, Red Bull, flowers, chocolate, tea, pop, wine, milk, paper money and incense!

Maybe one of the shrines belongs to this man.  He was the waiter in the bar.  He was pretty busy... so we just helped ourselves!

My flip flops cashed it in last night - not bad considering I've worn them every single day since the start of my trip!  They were my first pair - ever!

Maybe it will be windy enough tomorrow????

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