Friday, November 14, 2014

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Old town kind of looks like it did centuries ago -

This is a wood working shop.  It's common to see the artisan making what they sell-

There are lots of lantern shops 

Tailors are everywhere-

Off to work-

The family chapel Nguyen Tuong was built in 1806.  It's recently been restored-

This is Phung Hung historical house.  Families still live in these museums.

The Japanese covered bridge is an icon.  The first one was constructed in the 1590s so the Japanese could cross the river to visit the Chinese-

Two monkies guard one entrance and two dogs guard the other.  Legend says that's because most emperors were born in one of those years-

The Assembly Hall of the Cantonese Chinese Congregation was founded in 1786 and has a great dragon statue-

Vietnam has had the best food so far!  Lunch was a baguette with chicken, vegetables, herbs and spices.  It was soooo good-

Supper was a mango lassi, garlic naan and chicken coconut curry!

Tomorrow it's Hue!

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