Friday, January 26, 2018

Colonia Del Pellegrini, Esteros Del Ibera, Argentina, January 26, 2018

What an awesome sleep in the quiet!  At 7 this morning, five of us went in a lancha looking for wildlife-

We saw capybaras-


many birds-

And marsh deer-

After, I went for a walk to find the Plaza that was supposed to have Internet.  Eventually I found wifi at the town hall.  Later, I went back to the campsite and just hung out.  It's a pretty laid back day.  

We have a 5 am start tomorrow, about 120 km on rough gravel, hopefully to see more wildlife and to avoid the rain that's supposed to be coming.  We're crossing into Paraguay.

Linda and Bob Wolleswinkel are retired RNs from Barrie, Ontario.  They are on their fifth and last overland.  They think that at their age, they need a little more comfort!  They have 2 girls and 4 grandchildren who all live in Ontario .  Linda is from the Philippines and came to Canada in 1966 for work.  She worked over 50 years as an RN - 35 years in surgery.  Both Bob and Linda would like to see Iceland and Japan.  For the last 25 years, they've gone to Playa Del Carmen for 7 weeks where they have an interval ownership which is like a time share.  

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