Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Drake Passage and Beagle Channel, January 15-16, 2018

Last night was not rough but the swaying still kept me awake.  Now I've woken up with a cold - coughing and shivering.  I've got 2 days to get better so......

The day is filled with workshops:  photography editing, "Deficient Diets: The Strange and Sad History of Scurvy and Its Polar Problems", "Adaptations of Marine Mammals" and "Unseen Antarctica".  There will also be an auction of 'interesting' objects to raise money in support of Penguin Watch and a bar talk about "A Love Story with a White Rhino".  I'm not sure how many I might attend.  Right now my bed is feeling pretty cozy!

As it turns out, I spent all day in bed!  Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Nico!  You are 26!  Your forever birthday cake!

Nico '2' celebrated as well with carrot cake, iced tea, and lots of coloring-

I've gotten to know a quite a few people on the ship - there are only 187 of us, but I've enjoyed most of my meals with Zara and Diana, both from Australia.  Zara works for Intrepid and Diana is retired-

Leah and Bobbi are cousins.  Leah lives in Victoria and Bobbi in Prince Albert-

Elaine and Amy are from a small town south of Chicago.  Elaine is a retired teacher and Amy runs a travel agency-

So during supper, we toasted Nico and I showed a few pictures.  It is hard to believe he's 26!

I didn't do too much today - spent a lot of time in my room, which I enjoyed immensely.  We had a couple meetings: one about disembarking which is tomorrow at 8 am, another to drink champagne with the captain who is a burly Ukrainian, and another to watch a 15 minute video of our trip and to say farewell to our crew who have been unbelievably amazing.

Supper was also special:  surf and turf:

I'm looking forward to getting off this boat tomorrow morning!

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