Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 10 - Pedrouzo to Santiago de Campostella, October 10, 2018

Yeah!  It's over!  Today was a short day - we only needed to bike 24.99 km and we decided to follow the Camino wih the walkers.  They don't really appreciate bikers because they have to move over to let us by and I'm sure lots of bikers don't slow down when doing that.  All together, I put a total of 512.37 km on in 9.5 days.  That's a lot of spinning-

It was a beautiful ride through the Galicia countryside-

Not sure what this is supposed to say but it was a sign in a bathroom-

We stopped at Monte Del Gozo where there's a nice monument high on a hill-

And people leave their worn out boots-

The sides are decorated as well-

Now this is the way to do the Camino-

Once in Santiago, we had to go for a celebratory drink.  Chris was like an angel who just appeared out of nowhere on Day 1 after a long hill.  There he was sitting on a picnic bench, having a smoke.  We rode together the next 9.5 days.  He taught me lots about bicycles, slowed down his pace so I could keep up and was a great companion.  I am very grateful for all his help-

We are staying at Albergue Seminario Menor-

a 300 bed former seminary-

I opted for a private room which is awesome!  The view from my room-

The bathrooms are communal: there are 20 sinks in the 'sink room'. There's a WC room and another separate shower room.  There are 3 floors of dorms and single rooms and a small supermarket with a kitchen in the basement.  It's very cool.

Unfortunately my luggage, which was supposed to have been picked up October 1 in Burgos and delivered here by October 8, was not in the storage room.  After contacting Bicigrino, my bicycle company, and the Hostel in Burgos, it was found, still sitting in the Burgos storage room.  SUER, a courrier company, is supposed to deliver it tomorrow.  At least it hasn't been stolen or lost even though  SUER sent Bicigrino information showing they'd delivered it.  Not sure who else is obviously missing their luggage!

After checking in, we went to the Cathedral-

which is the end of the Camino.  There were lots of people milling around, proud of their accomplishment-

It is close to here that you get your final stamp and certificate if you want one.  I only got the stamp-

Other stamps in my Camino passport-

After, I went into the Cathedral. The entrance is on the side-

Ii is quite underwhelming, compared to León but you can go up behind the altar-

And people were kissing this statue-

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for, I returned my bike-

and did not shed a tear!  Not sure how much biking I'll do in my future life.  It's not something I really loved but it was a great experience.  Kind of a crazy experience, I mean, what was I thinking?  Oh well, I made it and my butt is returning back to normal- finally!

I've booked a car from October 12 until October 31, from Porto to Faro.  I'm looking forward to discovering Portugal in the next 3 weeks, just have to wait for my backpack to show up!

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