Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Tavira, Portugal to Sevilla, Spain, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!  
So far I haven't seen any costumes but there have been a few decorations in some stores but certainly no bags of candy and all the hype and paraphernalia like at home.  But, North Americans are over the top on most holidays - buy, spend, buy, spend - that seems to be the name of the game.  Oh well, I enjoy the lack of consumerism when I'm travelling.

I wanted to return my car early and speak to the manager at SIXT car rental about the insurance fraud forced upon me in Porto when I rented my car.  On the drive to the Faro Airport, it started raining quite hard, for the first time in 5 weeks so I'm not complaining.  I returned the car in perfect condition, 1611 km later, and after telling the manger my story, he said that 90% of complaints like mine are reimbursed and he gave me the email to customer service.  So, I've written a lengthy email and have my fingers crossed that I'll be refunded a little over $600 in the next few days.

The bus was a little late but that was okay.  I was visiting with a family from Devon, England.  Once on the bus, I sat in the very back in the middle so had no one in front of me.  I visited with an annoying woman from northern Ontario who was with a man, maybe her husband.  She didn't have a thought she didn't verbalize and her husband/partner just kept saying 'yes", 'yes', 'yes'.  

The trip was 2.5 hours long and once we left Portugal, suddenly there were new terraced fields - nothing was planted yet but it's in the works.  I was surprised but it's an excellent way to use the hills.  There were also storks nesting on most of the towers, sometimes two nests with the storks sticking their long necks up and out of the nests.   

Once in Sevilla, I walked to Bable Hostel, about a mile away.  It's really nice and the people are friendly.  And that's the thing about Seville.  I've been gone 5 weeks and today was the first time I've belt really at home.  Something about Seville just feels really good.  I'm not sure why or what yet but I like it here.

For lupper ( lunch and supper combined), I finally had tapas:  croquettes made from fish, chicken and mushrooms-

Fries with brava sauce-

And chicken curry-

They were all excellent and there are more on the menu I may try another day.  It started pouring while I was in the restaurant but I made it back to the hostel and will just chill for the night.  It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so here's hoping.  I'm anxious to explore this great city!

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