Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Day 9 - Melide to Pedrouzo, España, October 9, 2018

The biking escapade is winding down - thank God only one more day.  My legs are very sore now, I guess it's because I have learned to go faster up the hills and there are a lot of them.  

It was a short day, we only did 34.3 km-

and were relaxing in a great hotel room by 3 pm.  No more 58 passenger rooms for me, at least not tonight!  

We were on the highway quite a bit and I hate that. Today was especially busy and not everyone moves over as much as I'd like.  When we could, we got onto the Camino but the problem is you never know what it's going to be like.  What's good for walkers isn't necessarily easy for bikes but today was okay.  

Along the way we drove through some beautiful villages and farming areas-

The actual Camino-

Along the way, there's a wall of wisdom with questions and quotes to ponder while walking.  That's the problem with biking.  I've got my head down puffing away, trying to stay comfortable on the seat, making sure I stay on the shoulder so I don't get picked off by a car or making sure I'm avoiding eroding crevices in the gravel, that I have little time to contemplate life, which is really what the Camino is supposed to be about.  All I've been contemplating is how many days it will take to feel great again when I sit down!  Today is better but it is Day 9-

There's a little restaurant called Tio along the way.  They have used hundreds of beer bottles as decor-

Even the tv antennas are shaped like the seashell-

There weren't as many people walking as yesterday, which was great for us.  Hopefully it will be the same tomorrow.  We only have 20 km left to Santiago and have decided we're going to go on the trail only - no more highway!  We'll see how that goes!

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