Saturday, January 5, 2019

Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone, January 4, 2019

It was a sad day as Neinke and Jono packed up and left-

I will miss them!

I took local transport to Waterloo - all I had to do was stick out my hand and a cube truck stopped.  The two passengers hopped out and hung onto the back while three of us piled in.  We had to change into a mini van - 4 per bench seat! and carried on.  It only cost $1.09,  I was in search of food for tonight's supper so went into the market-

Chicken feet-

Chili oil-


Fried cattle hide-

Beans, beans, beans-

I enjoyed my time wandering and spending time with the locals.  for lunch I bought a skinny baguette and had a 'hotdog' with 2 deep fried weiners!  Back at camp, supper went fine and the ocean was lovely.  Tomorrow, Michelle and I have splurged and are going into Freetown to spend the night at the Radisson.  Will arrives in Freetown Sunday and after securing his Nigerian and Liberian visas, he will be at camp by Monday afternoon, fingers crossed and we will be on our way!  

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