Monday, January 14, 2019

Liberia Bushcamp to Robertsport, Liberia, January 11- 12, 2019

The first part of today was on nice pavement but then we had about 40 km on bumpy gravel that took a couple of hours.  Along the way-

Liberia appears very clean and green.  The people are friendly but there doesn't seem to be much to eat.  We passed through numerous villages and all they had for sale was gasoline in old whiskey bottles.  Once in Robertsport, we set up camp on the beach-

It wasn't as nice of a beach as Bureh and i'm getting bored with beaches.  There isn't much to do but drink but at least I was on cook group so that was something.  I got into the gin a bit too hard and in the dark, wiped out coming down a bumpy hill from the bathroom--

My upper lip was swollen, I have big scratches on my right breast, a headache and a sore nose but nothing is broken!   Better stop drinking gin!

The next day a few of us went for a walk along the beach-

There's a shipwreck on the other side of these big black rocks-

but I didn't go see it.  I hate climbing on these rocks.  If they're wet, they are very slippery.  I was also carrying my camera and water bottle so my hands weren't exactly free to catch me when I'd fall.  

The current is very strong too so I didn't go in the water-

Lunch was Grouper.  First they used a machete to scrape off the scales that were white and the size of a quarter.  They cooked it in an awesome peanut sauce--

For supper we had shark soup-

We're heading into Monrovia in the morning, hopefully to a big and modern supermarket (fingers are crossed) and then camping on the beach south of the city.  It's not supposed to be a very nice city but we will see.


  1. Easy solution to your problem. I wouldn't give up on the gin. Quit going to the bathroom. If you need more advice let me know.

  2. Made me laugh again Winger! Hope you're not freezing to death!

  3. Well, since I'm in Mexico, TIM (This Is Mexico), that might be hard to do unless I fall into my drink, pull an Allie as they say. I'll stay away from the gin, I hear it's hard on the face. Adios pour maintenant or something like that.


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