Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone, January 7, 2019

The music blared unti 6:50 this morning!  We kept our window closed and locked because of the crowds.  Around 7:15 I went to the beach but only a few stragglers were around but so much garbage and smell!  The beach had been beautiful but today it just stunk!  Glad I enjoyed it all the other days we were here!  There were a lot of people walking around picking up selective garbage and all the cans and bottles were gone.  I went back to bed but at 8 am, Brad knocked on our door to ask us to say in our rooms because a soldier had been killed in the night.  We could see the spot where he was lying from our window-

Eventually the ambulance showed up-

but there were no police around, no crime scene tape, nothing.  Just a stain of blood-

I went for my final swim and walking back to camp I started picking garbage.  I found some money and a joint!  We had lunch and Will arrived about 2:30 and soon we were on the road.  The final views of Waterloo and its crazy market-

Hauling sand-

We drove a couple of hours until we found a bush camp.  We are heading for Tiwai Island to look for Pygmy hippos - as if!

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