Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Monrovia, Liberia to close to the Côte d'Ivoire Border, January 16, 2019

Today is Nico's 27th birthday!  His last birthday when he turned 19-

and his second birthday-

He was so cute!  I wonder what he'd be doing, where he'd be living, would he have kids?  I miss him a lot.

AFter filling our water tank using the well at the school, we watched the students raise their flag and sing their national anthem which went on forever.  This is very common I'm noticing-

We packed up, leaving the ants behind and went into town to wait for 2 pm to pick up the Côte d'Ivoire visas for those still needing them, then headed out of town-

Terry was told to keep his foot elevated so he's got an uncomfortable ride now but his leg is finally looking better.  He takes his antibiotics for awhile without swallowing them down with gin or brandy and then once his sore looks like it's healing, he starts drinking again.  I've given him some Bactroban- magic ointment, and I think if he used it regularly, he'd be all healed up, however....  Maybe he's just trying to get out of cook group!

Leaving Monrovia, we passed through a crazy market-

Once away from the crowds, we drove through forest-

And rubber tree plantations-

Few own their own vehicle so rides are hitched in many ways-

We found a sort of private place to camp and believe it or not it seems cooler!  I'm looking forward to a great sleep and seeing a waterfall tomorrow!

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