Sunday, January 6, 2019

Freetown, Sierra Leone, January 5, 2019

Michelle and I tried to leave our camp at 10:30 but were informed that the first Saturday of every month is "National Clean Up Day" so no one is allowed to drive until noon.  Residents are supposed to be picking up garbage and then obviously burning it and filling the skies with blue smoke that makes it hard to breath-

What a place!  That explained the special gate across the entrance into our camp-

As close to noon as possible, we walked to the road and waited and then waited some more.  Eventually a car came along but he was going to Kent, which is the wrong way.  We got in anyway because if he filled his car in Kent he wouldn't have room for us on the way back.  Squished in the back with 3 other people, we got to Waterloo and then hired our own private taxi to take us to paradise - The Radisson in Aberdeen which is a suburb of Freetown.  The traffic was crazy in some places and the smog, well, there's always smog-

At a carrefour/roundabout-

 Walking up to the Radisson was like entering another world-

Our room is great, just like hotels at home but nothing like I've seen in the past 3.5 months-

The bathroom-

After lunch we sat by the pool and I enjoyed the company of Jim Beam-

It's expensive to stay but absolutely 1000% worth it!  We have a late check out and then will make our way back to Bureh Beach where the party of the year is supposed to take place.  I'm locking everything up, including myself!

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