Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bushcamp to Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone, January 8, 2019

I had a pretty good sleep but my pee pot leaked again and when I had a closer look, I noticed it was cracked from the top to the bottom!  No wonder!  
We drove most of the day-

Along the way-

Villages have at least one well-

The highway was nice for most of the day-

We stopped at a village to fill our tanks with water.  I was hauling it up with the pail they had that was attached to a rope made of old tire tube.  I dropped the rope into the well and felt terrible about that, however it wasn't the first time because they had a hook especially for that.  Soon it was fished out-

We also changed a tire-

Some of the curious-

Continuing on-

The last 22 km were on a rough track.  We broke a leaf spring that will have to be changed in the morning-

We arrived in a village near the island where we are spending the night-

The kids had a lot of fun with a couple of balloons.  I'm looking forward to a good sleep and perhaps a visit to Tiwai Island tomorrow.  I don't think I'll see any Pygmy hippos but you never know.

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