Sunday, February 24, 2019

Serti to Bushcamping, Nigeria, February 24, 2019

I've been making 2 posts: one with text only and the other with pictures.  I am able to post text but not pictures so if and when I can post pictures I will, but for now, this is what I've been up to.  Close your eyes and imagine the strangest of the strange and you will be here in Africa!

Today was a drive day as we made our way on horrible roads (they call them) towards the Cameroon border.  The scenery is lovely-

Adobe bricks are used to build homes-

Women washing clothes-

Fence, Nigeria style-

More great views-   

They've planted a lot of eucalyptus trees because they're fast growers.  Many villages have lumber businesses-

We stopped for groceries and gathered quite a crowd, as usual-

Oasis led the way for most of the day-

We've had to cross a few dodgy bridges.  Liam and Will always check them out beforehand-

We made it-

There are lots of cattle- brown, black, spotted, speckled and all with long horns-

More bumping along.  We're averaging about 12 km/h!  It's slow going-

We managed to squeeze through-

But then we came to a doozie-

Mark stacked some rocks in the deepest hole-

And we made it-

Another burn-off!  They're so much a part of the hazy, polluted skies we've been not enjoying the last 10 days-

Driving through villages we are like celebrities:  people stare-

wave and holler 'welcome' and 'hello"-

We found a nice spot for a bush camp and set up without too many visitors.  Team #1 is on cook group and we're having fried weiners because another cook group used some of the black beans that I bought especially for burgers.  Now we don't have enough so we have to use weiners.  Oh well.  Tomorrow we hope to cross the border and move towards Yaounde.  We've been in Nigeria long enough!  

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