Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bagangte to Yaounde, Cameroon, February 28, 2019

The road was shitty for awhile then straightened out enough to get us to Yaounde by mid afternoon.  We travelled 245 km-

Along the way a lot of the land is tilled and appears ready for planting-

As we got further south, we were back in forest and there was little farming-

Our main goal in Yaounde is to get DRC and Equitorial Guinée visas.  We stopped at the DRC Embassy on our way into town to pick up forms.  It sounds like it's easy and only costs $130 US compared to $250 In Accra!  I'm glad we waited.  EQ is another matter.  We need individual letters of invitation from the EQ Minister of Foreign Affairs which could possibly be arranged through our individual embassies.  Ya right!  The truck though can get in no problem.   We will visit again tomorrow for more information.  

The campsite is on a hill in the middle of the city but you'd never know you were in a busy, noisy place.  It's run by Madame Suzanne, a female, black Hitler.  Even though the yard is huge, there's a crazy who lives nearby so we have to scrunch our tents together.  I dragged my tent around to a few places because I don't want to hear anyone breathing, snoring or rustling at 5 am when we don't have to get up!  MME laughed when I told her that and showed me a place where I'd be by myself except I was near the dogs who bark often and at strangers in the night.  No thanks.  She also has a 5 bed dorm and 2 private rooms which we drew for but I lost.  In her 100 year old house, the upstairs bathroom cannot be used at night and you can only pee in it in the day.  Showers are available from 6 am to 6 pm only.  We can use her water for cooking but not cleaning- that costs 50 cents a pail.  The outside toilet, which is for we campers, has no toilet seat - that's pretty common, no light and definitely no toilet paper.  I'm camping tonight and then hopefully moving into a hotel for a couple of nights.

A few of us went to a Turkish restaurant for supper and they almost had everything listed on the menu! The ATM I used dispensed as much money as I wanted - some we have used give out $46/time.  I also got a receipt!  

A new girl, Ella, originally from Montréal, has joined us for a month and Richard is back from some crazy escapades in the west of the country.  Ryan has missed numerous flights so is with us now into Angola which is great because he and Leanne are really enjoying each other's company. 

I'm hoping for a rain free night and am looking forward to seeing more of Yaounde tomorow.

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