Monday, February 25, 2019

Bushcamp Nigeria to Bushcamp Cameroon Border, February 25, 2019

We had an early start but not without numerous visitors-

Complete with a live chicken-

People are everywhere-

 and we are in Muslim country so no booze, not that it particularly bothers me as it has been 31 days since I had a drink!  And an accident!

She was very surprised to see us-

Typical shops are holes in the walls where everything (not much) is behind the counter-

Villages have bumpy rock filled roads and wrecky buildings-

Another village-

Another bridge-

We made it-

But not without spectators-

So did he-

Moving along-

In another village they were celebrating something-

We stopped at customs in Nigeria.  Wow!  There are absolutely millions of kids-

Finally we reached the end of Nigeria - after 17 days she has let us go!

And then it started to rain!  And rain and rain and rain.  The clay roads became very slick and the truck slipped and slid.  We made it through more bad roads-

And then when we thought it couldn't get worse-

No bridge!  We were told in an hour or so it would drop so we had lunch and watched people walk across-

Quite a crowd gathered-

Eventually we crossed-

And so did Oasis-

We crossed into Cameroon - yeah!  But couldn't climb this hill-

so we bushcamped at the border!  I'm hoping for sunshine tomorrow to dry out the roads so we can carry on!  

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