Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Lomé, Togo to Abomey, Benin, February 6, 2019

Togo and Benin are both only 50 km across so it doesn't take much time to move on.  This morning we said goodbye to Nicola and Grant who are taking a break from the group for a few weeks but they will return to continue in Namibia.  I unfortunately will be gone by then.  I have loved meeting them: they have been a great couple to travel with and I will really miss them-

Shelby has also left the group for a week or so as she travels to Burkino Faso.  She will rejoin in Nigeria.  
Our first stop this morning was Lac Togo.  Ho hum!  It was a good reason to get off the truck-

Then we carried on to the border.  The crossing was super fast and in no time we were in Benin.  

Norm was showing off his purchase from yesterday's market.  He said he tried it but fell asleep so he's not sure if it worked or not :)

We stopped at Lac Ahémé for lunch and there were beautiful flowers along the walking path-

Later we stopped in a town for cook group shopping and this huge load of cotton went by-

This tasteless snack is made from ground maize then deep fried-

It's cassava harvest time so people in every village we passed were busy-

Chopped cassava was also drying along the road-

Norm had enough of looking out the window-

We got to Abomey in the late afternoon.  It is a typical African town with super red soil-

We are in a beautiful spot and I've upgraded again!  Looking forward to touring the former capital in the morning.  

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