Sunday, February 3, 2019

Biakpo to Togo Bush Camp, February 3, 2019

A bunch of us camped in the patio area because of the fear of rain-

The view was great-

We headed for Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary.  Over 900 Monas live on about 160 acres.  The money that tourists pay goes towards the village - homes have power and there's a large school.  They also have a lot of water wells and I didn't notice a lot of garbage lying around.  Money also goes to the owners of the land as well as political people such as the Chiefs and elders of the village.  We walked into the forest and in no time were surrounded by apparently hungry monkeys.  They came close-

Then reached for the banana-

Peeled it and shoved it in its mouth-

This guy looks like Batman-

don't really like monkeys but these were pretty cute and very friendly-

didn't really like them crawling on me, I think because I worry they're going to bite and that they have rabies-

Leanne wasn't too keen either-

Some have babies that they carry in a front pouch-

These three were very timid and none could force himself to grab the banana.  Soon they scooted away-

After the monkeys, we walked through the village and saw some palm oil seeds ready to be picked up for market-

Church was also in progress-

We carried on, driving on a curvy road where a sign warned us of the dangers-

to Amedzofe, a village high on a mountain where the view was great-

We walked to either an abandonned church or one under renovation-

and a crazy man was writing the same words over and over with charcoal on the landing of the church-

There were a couple of snake skins in the church so that means they're living there-

There were numerous obituary posters on the walls of the village-

From there, we went to the border where it took forever to get into Togo.  Finally, when it was dark, we were ready to go down this nasty road-

We found a great bushcamp soon after and quickly set up camp.  We're off to Lomé in the morning.

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