Friday, February 8, 2019

Suave, Benin to Cotonou, Benin, February 8, 2019

We were on the boats, ready to go to Ganvie at 7 am!  That's amazing for Africa!  Today was probably one of my favourites so far.  It reminded me of when I was in Myanmar and visiting Lake Inle-

Our boat:  Hills, Brad, Thomas, Carole, Don, Norm and Michelle-

The others in their boat-

Fishing stations-

Going to market-

The people living in Ganvie originally came from Lomé, Togo on the back of pigeons, fleeing war-

School boats-


Reeds are put into the water to attract fish-

The health center for expecting women-


The boat depot-


Waiting at the well-

We went to a shop called Chez M.  Gourds are made into maracas and covered with shells to add to the sound-

The view from her balcony-

Our guide was really cute-

Once back on the road, we got to Cotonou and went to immigration to pick up the six passports of people who didn't get an evisa.  It was 11 and the workers had just gone for lunch so we were told to come back at 3.  Who gets a 4 hour lunch?  Meanwhile, Leanne stopped for some passport photos in the back of this van that was parked on the sidewalk-

The bike traffic was nuts but I really like how they have their own lane-

We checked into a hotel where we can camp on the lawn.  There isn't much room, in fact we can touch each other we are so close!  Then, this afternoon it poured but the inside of my tent stayed dry.  I'm really proud of myself that after four years, I can finally set up my tent properly to keep the inside dry!  I spent an hour looking for an hotel with AC and found one on Booking except it's an apartment and the owner is out of town so I can't get the key.  I'm hoping I won't be charged in spite of the non refundable policy. The main streets are paved and what I'm used to but all other streets are hilly, potholed gravel messes and after the rain they were completely flooded.  As I walked around checking out a couple hotels, I was walking in water that covered my ankles.  I shuddered thinking what else might be in that water!   Finally, at 8 pm, the six who needed Benin visas got to the hotel after an afternoon of B.S.  I guess it took Clarissa crying to get them!   
I'm not looking forward to a hot sweaty night but tomorrow we're heading for Nigeria! 

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