Sunday, February 10, 2019

Baba Egun to Ibadan, Nigeria, February 10, 2019

We had a late start - 9 a.m. and headed north east to Abeokuta to see the second best attraction in the country.  Oh, oh!  If that's true, there's not going to be much to see in this whole country!  
Along the way-

Nigeria is absolutely insane.  It's the most populated country on the continent.  People are everywhere- shouting, waving and smiling at us.  I loved today!

It's the grossest place so far-

People pass at anytime, whether it's safe or not-

Garbage is everywhere-

Including under a bridge.  I guess they're waiting for the rainy season to "clean" it up-

It's election time so posters are everywhere-

Completely full on-

The ??? Rock is underwhelming. It's apparently Africa's Ayers Rock so we climbed to the top-

Corn was ground in these bowls in one of the caves-

The views would be nicer if Lagos' smog didn't fill the air-

We tried to have lunch at a restaurant on site but they only had goat and rice.  I don't mind goat if it's been cooked for a day but if not, it's so tough I can't chew it.  And rice, well, I'll pass.  Will ordered it and couldn't eat any of it, the rice included it was so nasty.  I walked along the street looking for something else and all that was available was fufu - made from crushed manioc and other nasty looking meat.  It was too hot to be hungry anyway.  

There's a small art gallery nearby and I really liked these mosaics-

The city is a bit of a mess.  They've widened the road so they took a bucket machine and just demolished the fronts of many buildings-

People were scavenging in the rubble-

It looks like a war zone and driving out of town, we caught them in the act-

I have no idea where these poor people will live now.  

The mosque is huge-

But I think the Anglican Church won-

I rode shotgun this afternoon.  The views from the cab are the best-

We stopped close to Ibadan and April negotiated camping and cheap rooms so I've upgraded again!  I'm loving this!

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