Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Bushcamp to Bushcamp, Cameroon, February 26, 2019

I wasn't looking forward to climbing that ugly, wet, clay hill this morning-

We slipped and slid, then had to shovel the wet away-

But we made it!  We had a 120 km day which is huge considering yesterday we only did 25 km, but that also included two very slow border crossings-

It's also an indication of how shit the roads are.  Villages along the way-

Everyone is so friendly and happy to see us-

Scenery is beautiful and we finally have blue sky again-

We came upon a waterfall-

And a river to cross-

Women were washing clothes-

Continuing along, we met a few cars That are wrecks by our standards but they get the job done-

We had a great lunch in a 'real' restaurant in Banyos and made our way to the "Orange" line on the map, the N6, expecting pavement to Yaounde.  Unfortunately, we were on rough red clay again but the scenery was nice-

I like the hat of the policeman we found at a check point.  If I'm not riding shotgun, I have to jump off the truck at every stop to speak to the police, unless of course they speak English.  It's good exercise and keeps me awake-

More homes-

This part of Cameroon appears to be sparsely populated but whenever we stop, it doesn't take long to gather a crowd.  It was the same when we pulled into our Bushcamp.  Nine teenage girls came running towards us but when we started driving towards them, seven took off running and screaming!  Only two stayed to watch us.  We found a very secluded spot and a large crowd gathered around our set up during supper preparations.   They wear such brightly colored clothing and a man was playing music with a middle eastern tune.  Everyone is Muslim.  At dark, we had a fire which was a nice way to end the day, complete with marshmallows.  It looks like rain so I'm hoping I don't get wet tonight.  

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