Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ikom to Takum, Nigeria, February 21, 2019

Our new exit stamps had to be photocopied - these people know nothing about paper conservation! so Will and Mark went back to the shop to do that.  We were on the road by 9:30, heading northeast towards Takum-

And eventually Gembu, all in Nigeria and then into Cameroon in a safe zone towards Banyo.  It's a long way on rough roads so will take time, and with the election coming up on Saturday, all roads including borders will be closed so we will have a day of doing fuck all waiting for that schmozle to be finished.
We made 255 km today and I was riding shotgun, which in these parts is true to its name without the gun!  We passed soooo many police checks and a few asked why we weren't travelling with a police escort because there have been tourist kidnappings in this area.  I wanted to ask how that could be possible with all of these fucking police checks.  Some are within 400 meters of each other.  Most wave us through and some, Will just drives through waving!  Only once did we have to produce our passports and they painfully checked our stamps.  They wondered why we had so many Ekok stamps so I had to tell the story.  I was dreading the time when one would say we couldn't enter Cameroon this way but no one said that and we know that the Dragoman truck entered a couple of weeks ago.  They can't believe we are travelling the way we are and camping.  Actually, most people probably can't believe that!  

Along the way, village and market life-

Rural Nigeria-

To make a double decker liner, trees are placed along the top, covered with hay/straw and cows are tied down.  There are always numerous men riding on top too-

Cement homes have changed to thatched huts-

It seems they 'hill' their cassava, something we haven't seen before-

Accidents are left because they have no where to put the wrecks-

Loads of people-

And bananas-

Drying cassava and I'm not sure-

I really like Nigeria inspite of thei agression of the people and the constant police checks.  It's been different and I appreciate that.  Looking forward to getting closer to Cameroon tomorrow!  

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