Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mamfe to Cameroon Border, February 19, 2019

We woke up with high hopes of going to Limbe and then on to Douaia but when the military showed up, they informed us, after much discussion, that they would be returning us to the border because they could not guarantee our safety.  WTF we said?  They showed us a letter from the consulate in Calabar where we obtained our visas that stated we had bought ferry tickets and that the reason we had been granted our visas in the first place was because that's how we were going to Cameroon.  We explained that that had been our initial plan, wink, wink, but the ferry wouldn't take the truck because it's too big so we had no option but to drive.  There was no more discussion- we were on our way to nowhere!  A soldier jumped into the truck-

and sat with me-

There were 2 in our cab, 6 in the lead truck, 4 in the follow up truck, one in the Oasis cab and ..... away we went.  

Once back at the border, we walked across the bridge to the Nigeria side to try to cut a deal.  We needed Nigeria to let us back in (only 5 of us have multiple entry visas) so we could drive north to cross into Cameroon at a safer crossing.  We sat and talked and sat and talked some more.  Finally they told us we would have an answer by the end of the day but the Cameroon border closed at 6 pm so we had to go back to our truck.  

Back in Cameroon, we were not allowed in the police compound to sleep so had to set up camp on the street!  I thought we were in a dangerous area?  Anyway we went for supper and found the best grilled chicken chunks and pineapple so far!  I was in bed by 8 and soon asleep.  I'm hoping that tomorrow we get on the road to somewhere!  

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