Monday, January 16, 2023

Delhi, India, January 16, 2023

Happy 31st birthday in Heaven to the best boy ever!  His niece and nephews are so missing out!  It’s hard to believe how time flies-

I woke up with Delhi belly so was very glad I wasn’t moving on today!  I got going about 1:30 because I still wanted to see a couple sites before leaving.  My first stop was once again at the train station because I had learned from another tourist where to buy a ticket. Well the counter person sent me on a wild goose chase and pretty soon I had a tout walking beside me who took me to I do have to admit a very nice man. I still didn’t get anything booked and so I don’t know what for sure comes after Varanasi besides going to Agr but I will probably end up taking an overnight bus which works for me.

After I left that office I realized I was in Connaught Place where I had been yesterday and it is close to the metro so I found my way to the Lotus temple.

It’s a Bah’ai House of Worship, opened in 1986.  Everyone is welcome, just not on a Monday because it’s closed!  There are 27 free-standing marble-clad petals arranged in clusters of 3 to form 9 sides.  It’s 34 meters tall and holds 1,300 people-

Always junk for sale-

A great balancing act-

My other stop was at India Gate which is a memorial to 84,000 soldiers of the British Indian Army from 1914-1921.  It looks a lot like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.  13,000 servicemen’s names are inscribed inside-

Behind it is a cupola that used to have a statue of George V but after Independence,  it was removed.  Since January 23, 2022, Courage Day, it holds the statue of Netaji Bose who did great work in disaster management-

Not enough in my opinion but I’ve only been here 4 sleeps.  I haven’t been robbed or fallen and today my subway token fell out of my pocket when I grabbed my phone and a young man gave it back to me. When I couldn’t have found it upon exiting I would’ve been sure I had been pickpocketed so I apologize. I know not everyone is bad.

My flight for Varanasi leaves at 10:45 am.. I hope to leave here by 7 and go via metro to the airport. I should be there in plenty of time. I am curious about Varanasi and I hope I enjoy it more than here!  It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed what I have seen; I knew it was like this yet I don’t like feeling angry towards others nor not being able to trust anyone but hopefully my feelings will change as time moves on.

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