Monday, January 30, 2023

Udaipur, India, January 30, 2023

I had a very lazy morning because I binge watched Firefly Lane. I had downloaded it on Netflix and noticed that it was expiring on the 31st so there were nine episodes to see.  I watched some last night and finished this morning. I really liked it. Then I tried to have a shower and let the water run for one hour but it was still cold so I complained and they said they’d move me to a different room and get the electrician in. (When I got back from my exploration, the electrician had fixed it so I didn’t have to move.)

Anyway, I walked about a kilometre to a local fabric market looking for-

I saw it in a very short blouse and was told yesterday to go to this certain market.  Once there,  a man said they probably had it at their big shop which was a five minute ride away so I hopped on the back of his motorcycle and away we went.  I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did get to see more of the 7 artificial lakes around the city-

I then wandered on the other side of the lake-

There are lots of murals and 2 bridges.

Natani Ka Chabutara which is apparently an historical place is on an island-

City Palace-

Because it was Ghandi Day - he was shot on this day in 1948, the beer store was closed so I had bananas instead.  I have booked a cab for 7:30 tomorrow morning to take me to the airport for my 10:40 flight. I’m going to Rishikesh to begin my yoga and I’m very excited. I definitely need a break from this tourist business because I am tired of sightseeing. I hope after a month in one spot I will have the energy to play tourist again in March.

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