Saturday, January 28, 2023

Jodhpur to Udaipur, India, January 28, 2023

I woke up too early and I’ve been tired all day. I walked out the door of the guest house at about 6:20, in the dark with not a tuktuk insight! I started walking and it was probably 10 minutes before one showed up but he wanted way too much money. It was only a 24 minute walk from start to finish so I carried on. Soon another man came along, we bartered and I won so he took me to the bus. I was plenty early which was fine.

The bus looks old and beat up-

but inside-

was comfortable.  I’m glad I have my own blanket because none was provided and it was chilly.  It was a 6.5 hour trip.  There’s an altar with incense burning on the dash-

There was no toilet but we stopped often enough.  At one stop I bought, what I thought was coconut milk, but it was buttermilk - curry flavoured.  Hey Zeus Chris Toe!  I just about puked.

Along the way-

Weird landscape and it changed back and forth so quickly.

She was lighting a fire on her front step.  We have no idea what these people’s lives are like-

Once in Udaipur, I was dropped off almost 5 km from the Shalom Backpacker Hostel where I’m staying for 3 nights.  The bartering began- it’s so tiring, but eventually we agreed.  I paid too much but whatever.   Tonight I’m in a 6 bed dorm - I’ve got a bottom bunk! with 3 brothers from Indore.  I pulled my Dad and said - is that close to Outdoor?  Ha ha, they said and thought - what a loser.  

The terrace is fine at Shalom but the one next door looked better so I went there for lunch.  The view of Lake Pichola and a “palace” that’s now a hotel-

Nearby is Ganguar Ghat (Ghat means stairs) but there are only about 5 leading down to the water.  The entrance-

Another nice building next door with many pigeons-

and along the shore-

It was a lovely warm day but I was so tired.  I went looking for a beer store so I could sit up on the terrace and relax.

Along the way - the bridge leads to the other side of the lake-

Just a random temple along the road-

I sat out on the terrace for a couple of hours but by 6 o’clock the sun is gone behind the clouds or smog or whatever you wanna call it and it starts to cool off. I’m hoping for a good sleep and looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

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