Wadi Rum, Jordan, October 29, 2015

Wadi Rum is a red sand desert-

with camel caravan petroglyphs in the sandstone cliffs made by tribes from Southern Arabia or possibly the Nabataeans around the 4th century BC-

Our group traveled in the back of half tons.  I found it to be a little chilly-

but the scenery was excellent-

We crawled up on top of these rock bridges-

There are miles and miles of sand and mountains-

We kept seeing the same group of camels so I don't know if they were staged or not.  Apparently camels can go for 50 days without water-

Our drivers were interested in something on a cell phone-

Later, they lit a fire-

for tea while we waited for-

Back at camp, we had zerb, a Bedouin tradition, for supper.  Carrots, potatoes, lamb and chicken were placed on a tiered rack, inserted into a hole in the ground and roasted for 4-5 hours.  The chicken bones were very tiny so I'm not sure what kind of bird it might have been but it tasted good-

Tomorrow, we're off to Aqaba for a boat ride and snorkeling in the Red Sea.


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