Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shiraz, Iran, October 17, 2015

Karim Khan made Shiraz the capital in 1180.  He was the founder of the Zand Dynasty and is credited with many great buildings, including this citadel.  The towers are 12 meters high and the fort covers an area of 12,800 square meters-

Rostam is jousting with the devil.  He is an Iranian legend hero.  This tile work is above the entrance door-

The bathhouse has two parts:  the cloakroom with its beautiful floral motifs on stucco-

and the anteroom where there are numerous tubs for both hot and cold water.  Even the floor was heated-

The architectural design allowed for great acoustics so everyone could hear everyone else-

Notice how the column, which is carved in stone, flows right into the capital-

These are sash windows, which means they slide up to open.  The reflecting color onto the floor prevents flies from entering because their eyes are compound so they are very sensitive to this coloration- 

The exterior of the window, beautifully carved lattice-

More frescoes on the walls and ceiling-

The Vakil Mosque was also built in Karim Khan's time-

The tile work is beautiful, as usual-

The acoustics are great in this vaulted prayer hall where 48 carved columns support the roof.  Sound echoes and echoes and echoes.....

Chadors are available-

The Vakil Bazar is a wild and crazy place-

Tea is served from a samovar-

Nomads come to the bazar to buy bling material-

More Irenglish-

Inside the Saray-E- Mehr Tea House: (the House of Kindness)-

I wonder if baskets are available for Harleys?  Looks like I need one now!

The tomb of Cyrus the Great (an Achaemenid Persian) is at Pasargadae.  The city was started in about 546 BC but unfortunately Persepolis was more lavish and so it never became popular.  There are 6 stone tiers with the burial chamber above.  The archiitecture combines ideas from all the nations Cyrus had conquered.  After Alexander the Great burned Persepolis, he moved towards this area but left the tomb alone-

Maybe you understand what they are trying to say??

Cyrus's Private Palace has 30 columns and wide verandas-

Some of the carvings include a mermaid/person and a bull-

and a human with wings, possibly Cyrus himself-

Black stone was not as favorable because it was about 20 degrees hotter in the summertime-

The Prison of Solomon might have been a fire temple, tomb, sun dial or store.  No one knows for sure but "the point is"-

Esfahan is our next stop.

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