Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dubai, U.A.E. October 8, 2015

I spent another day touring, admiring the architecture-

The Dubai Museum is housed in the historic Al Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787.  It's the oldest building in the city.  It used to be the work place and official residence of the rulers of Dubai, and a prison and garrison.    It has only been in the last 40 years that such tremendous growth has happened.  Typical Arabic villages were walled which were made of coral and mortar.  The tower (minaret) in the background belongs to a mosque-

Homes were made from individual palm leaves-

Typical boats used for fishing-

A herb and spice shop, much like shops found in today's souks-

Dates drying-

Archaeologists have discovered graves from Al-Qusais dating back to the first millenium B.C.  This human is laying on its right side in a crouched position, holding a small vessel in his/her right hand-

Water can be a problem in the desert.  In Dubai, it comes from wells and desalination plants that use the heat from power plants and aluminum smelting plants to convert sea water into vapour at 90 degrees celsius.  Limestone and chlorine are added to make it potable.

The textile souk offers every type of fabric imaginable-

Lunch was Indian for $2.  It was rice, chutney, a tandoori chicken chunk, a mushroom sauce, fish curry, dhal, and rice pudding.  It was delicious!

I ate with a spoon, not the traditional way-

The local supermarket carries pork products and they are found in their own special room in the store-

Supper tonight was Thai.  We ate in a funky restaurant with cardboard cutouts and when we were ready to order, we had to fire this gun to call the waiter over-

The Tom Yum soup was excellent-

I enjoyed my time in Dubai, especially visiting Ellen.  I am looking forward to Tehran!

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