Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dubai, U.A.E. October 3, 2015

I left Saskatoon for Calgary Thursday, October 1 at 9 pm and had a great sleep at the Four Seasons Sheraton.  My good friend Maxine came in from Didsbury Friday morning and we had an excellent visit, as per usual.  I flew out at 12:30, bound for Montreal but not before "the last supper" -

Who knows when I'm going to have french fries and fine wine again?

3h45 minutes later, I was in a different world.  French of course was everywhere but so were other languages and cultures, all waiting for their flights.  Kids in turbans, women wearing hijabs or nijabs or chadors.

Of course a visit to La Belle Province wouldn't be complete without poutine, topped with braised bison-

At Archibald's, they also have some great crafted beer including Wit, a white Belgium style beer similar to Blue Moon, orange slice included-

Flying Qatar Air was a pleasure.  Each passenger had a pillow, blanket and gift envelope on their seat.  The envelope contained a toothbrush with toothpaste, a sleeping mask, ear plugs and sox-

We were served two full meals and all the alcohol one could drink! :)  I love the costume of the flight attendants too-

After 10,422 km and 11 hours and 44 minutes - 

we arrived in Doha, Qatar,  a very ultra modern and super clean airport-

I had forgotten about the hand held bidets in the toilet stalls and that I've got one waiting at home to be installed. They are the best-

The short flight to Dubai was uneventful but it was fantastic to see Ellen again.  She should be a tour guide because she has all kinds of brochures, maps, metro cards, an unlocked cell phone, ideas of what to see, as well as a fully stocked kitchen especially for me!  She has just returned from a visit to Ethiopia and brought back some coffee, remembering I live for that!

I'm going to have a great time here!

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