Friday, October 30, 2015

Aqaba, Jordan, October 30.2015

We each had our own room last night-

The bed was filled with sand, but I realized this morning that there were two sheets so maybe if I'd slept between the sheets it would have been better.  The blanket weighed 500 pounds and mosquitoes chewed at me all night.  Needless to say, I had a shitty sleep.

Our group was in this part of the camp.  The walls were made of canvas but we did have power, at least for part of the night-

15 of us have been travelling around Jordan for the past week in this sardine can.  Our driver was very fast and the air conditionning worked really well-

Just passing by-

Once arriving in Aqaba, we went snorkeling at two great spots.  I saw a big puffer fish that our guide picked up, lots of coral and many, many fish.  

Saudi Arabia is in the background-

The border between Israel and Palestine-

From where we were snorkeling, we could see Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Israel.  Pretty cool. We're back to Amman tomorrow.  

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