Maun, Botswana, February 10-13, 2016

Most of the group has gone on a 2 night 3 day trip into the Okavango Delta.  They will be poled in a hollowed out tree canoe for a couple hours to the campsite, then spend 2 days doing nature walks and animal viewing.  I opted for the air conditionning and pool option-

 in the 36 degree heat and humidity.  

As we've been heading west in Botswana, the land is becoming desert.  The trees must have huge root systems because they are growing in white sand.  There are a few cattle around but very few villages and fewer people-

Poppy sporting the "team" t-shirt-

Driving northwest through Botswana is much of the same but there are more and more cattle, as well as trees, growing in white sand-

Bush camping tonight - so peaceful and without a fly - watching a sky covered in stars!


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