Friday, February 19, 2016

Cape Cross, Namibia, February 19, 2016

We drove through  a lot of desert from Spitzkoppe to Cape Cross-

Cape Cross is a crazy mess of seals.   There are thousands!

Females give birth to one pup/year.  They mate 10 days after giving birth but embryo development is delayed for 4 months.  Gestation is 8 months.  Males have harems of up to 60 females.  Females weigh 40-80 kg and can stay under water for 7 minutes.  Males  are 2.2 m long and weigh 200-300 kg while females are 1.6 meters long.  Sharks, killer whales, hyenas and jackals are their enemies.  

Pups are born between December and January and suckle until they are 10 months old-

Pups like to hang out in the sea-

The many faces of seals-

In August 2008 the Zelia shipwrecked just off shore-

We drove through a lot of desert-

Towns are few and far between but when we do come across one, it's modern.  Each home has its own water supply-

Supper was very tender springbok medallions-

Looking forward to a massage and a township tour tomorrow!

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