Monday, February 8, 2016

Chobe River, Botswana, February 8, 2016

Entering Botswana was painless and quick.  Before we knew it, we were in a river boat in the Chobe River.  It was a great afternoon.  One side of the river is Nambia and the other side is Botswana-

Two cormorants and a darter were enjoying the sunshine.  The darter is so called because he literally darts underneath the surface to find fish-

then spreads his wings to dry off-

The African fish eagle looks lots like the bald eagle.  They mate for life-

The kudu has spiral horns and body stripes.  Only the males have horns-

Hippos usually spend hot days in the water because they sunburn like us.  After the malaria mosquito, hippos kill the most humans-

This is a female Nile crocodile, about 4 meters long.  She was sunning herself-

She is keeping her mouth open to cool off.  You can tell she's a female because her mouth area is smooth.  Males have lots of humps and bumps-

We came across a couple of elephant families frolicking in the river and were they having a good time!

Swimming right next to them were a group of hippos.  Apparently, they get along quite well-

This fellow thought we were getting a little close so he started swimming towards us.  Our boat driver got us out of his way really quickly-

An African sunset-

Looking forward to visiting Elephant Sands tomorrow and hopefully seeing lots of elephants!

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  1. So happy to see you're still traveling. Hoping one day I can do the same! Je t'aime, Madame!


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