Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fish River Canyon, Namibia, February 25, 2016

Driving along-

The base rocks in Fish River Canyon are over 2,000 million years old.  Tectonic shifting, volcanoes, glaciers and erosion have shaped the canyon.    It's the second largest in the world, after the Grand Canyon, measuring 90 to 160 km long, 27 km (maximum) wide and 549 meters (maximum) deep.  The Fish River meanders along-

Volcanic rock-

The Quiver tree is found in southern Namibia where there is less than 150 mm of rainfall/year-

We stopped at some hillbilly town where they live in grass huts and/or corrugated tin-

I can't imagine how hot it is in the tin ones.  Further along in the suburbs were some with pitched roofs-

They must all work in the vineyards where they produce table grapes for the European market-

Quite a difference to see such lush fields after miles of desert.  

Our campste was beautiful-

Looking forward to moving on to South Africa tomorrow!

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