Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Adios Puerto Vallarta….Hola Puerto Escondido      November 21, 2023

We hung out on our patio until our neighbours – 3 or 4 young men, drove us back inside because they were blasting their Mexican music and pretty much drunk at 10 am! They asked Lynne what kind of music she liked and pretty soon they were playing Kenny Rogers!  At least they tried!  We packed and I added to their party by giving them the heel of my bourbon.  With only a carry on, I can’t take liquids so…..


I had an 11 am appointment with Orlando my dentist because my top crown hurt when I ate nachos and you can’t be in Mexico and not each nachos almost every day.  I was hoping it would just be a matter of checking my bite and grinding it down a bit and thankfully it was.  I would definitely recommend Dental Life and Orlando for any dental work while in PV.


There are such cool little places everywhere-

I saw Catarina from a different angle and noticed her purple dress.  This year’s statue claimed the Guinness Book of World Records as being the tallest Catrina in the world-

Once back at the Rosita, we walked north from the Malecon and had a great lupper.
  I had a shrimp burger-

And finally Lynne got to experience antojitos which are usually brought to the table with your drinks-

We caught a local bus to the airport and were pretty much the first on.
  By the time we got there we were packed like sardines.  A few people had to get off so we could get out.  It took about 30 minutes for Lynne to get rid of her suitcase and then we went through security.  What a breeze compared to Canada!  I don’t even know if they looked at the x-ray.  We sat for another half hour until we went to our separate gates.  I didn’t have to show any id ever in the airport.  Once on the plane a white mist came out of the ceiling while the attendants did their spiel. I’ve never seen that before - it was odourless and cool.  That would be a way to put the passengers to sleep so the waitresses could sit down for the flight!  The flight to Mexico City was fine but my second flight to Puerto Escondido was delayed about 45 minutes which gave me more time at Mexico City’s airport and what a zoo!  All these short black haired people!  It is interesting being the minority.  It doesn’t bother me in the least, but it does make me appreciate the minorities where I live.  Both of my flights were very full.


I shared a cab with the man I sat beside in the airplane because he was going my direction. They let me out on the highway and I walked about two blocks to the El Coyote Hostel which was easy to find.  Thank goodness I have a phone because the office was closed but soon a worker came and showed me to my room. I was lucky to get a bottom bunk, but the air conditioner was BROKEN and there were no windows!  There was one small fan blowing away from my bed.  The door was open to prevent it from truly being an oven but there was no way I could sleep there.  I explored the hostel and found the party room where there were three pool tables on the go and I had a beer while visiting with the bartender. I considered maybe sleeping in the open air eating area on a picnic table but thought are you insane? So I went walking and discovered three hotels around the corner.  Of course I choose the cheapest one which only had a ceiling fan but open windows and a breeze.  By this time it was midnight so I paid way too much and tried to sleep.  Wish me luck!

I’m not used to late nights because after being out in the heat all day, our air conditioned room and comfy beds were pretty inviting by 8:30!  Are we old or what?


The next 40 days are going to be much different than the last 14.  I really enjoyed Lynne’s company as we had a lot of fun together and I’m going to miss being with her. 😢


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