Saturday, November 25, 2023

Puerto Escondido to La Crucecita, Mexico     November 25, 2023

If I thought two nights ago was bad, last night was worse.  I was very tired so tried sleeping at 8:30 and I guess I fell asleep because at midnight I was awakened by the Mexican coming home.  They had just shut down the music and pool games upstairs so I guess he had nothing to do.  He crawled into his bed and boom - the ladder for the top bunk above his bed came crashing down.  It’s made of 1 1/2 inch square tubing and is very heavy.  He struggled to put it up again- it needed to be hooked on to the edge of the bed.  About 15 minutes later, kaboom again.  It happened a total of 3 times!  Then at about 6 a.m. he got up to pee and didn’t shut the bathroom door.  I can’t imagine the size of his bladder!  And he didn’t flush!  At 7, the Argentinian woman’s alarm went off.  She hopped down from her bunk because the ladder was lying on the floor and she tore a strip off of him- in Spanish!  He didn’t even poke his head out, the coward! She was very mad!  She turned the light on, grabbed her stuff and stomped out.  Eventually he got up and went out but forgot his key,  so soon he was knocking on the door to be let in.  I ignored him for awhile but he kept knocking so I slowly let him in.  Meanwhile David-

got home about 2 a.m.  He had gone back to the beach to listen to music but he has an Apple Watch that registers volume and it told him to leave immediately; that if he stayed 30 minutes he would be deaf!  Crazy Mexicans!

After coffee, I went to the mercado-

which is a typical, great Latin American market with food stalls-

and many aisles containing everything from fruits and vegetables which smell so good-

That’s a lot of cilantro-





Dried fish-

pots and pans-

miscellaneous goods-

and on and on.  Each aisle has the same items on it.  I love these kind of markets!

I went home, had breakfast, checked out and walked a block to catch a collectivo to La Crucecita.  Along the way-

Once away from the coast, Mexico is mountainous and green.  There isn’t much arable land.

I had to change buses in Pochula and luckily had a single seat instead of being sardined.  I asked a man to take pictures and he didn’t have a clue.  Eventually he took one-

La Crucecita has a nice feel.  It’s clean, quite modern and most of the sidewalks are level.  I easily found Hostal Azul y Blanco and checked in-

There are rules- quiet time at 11!  Yeah!  We can only take 1/3 of a litre of water from the jug and the ac is on in the dorm room from 8 pm to 6 am.  There are 11 beds and I think it’s 10 guys and me.  Those I’ve met so far are from Northern Ireland, Poland, Dallas, Ohio, Mexico and Greece.  I wonder where all the women are?

The kitchen is clean and well stocked-

and the eating area is inviting-

I found my sunglasses in my IPad carry bag.  I have no idea who put them there! I am finding i don’t really need sunglasses which is very interesting because I always have found outside so bright but I’m thinking maybe my cataract is doing the job of sunglasses.  I want a strap to keep them at my neck when I take them off so went to the mall where there’s a Ciné.  I saw-

Marie Antoinette about to lose her head-

I made supper at the hostel which has a dream kitchen compared to El Coyote.  I had guacamole and half a kilo of shrimp.  So good!

I am going to try to get an earring fixed tomorrow, get laundry done - it’s 15 pesos ($1.19) / kg!  I may also go to the beach.  So far so good!

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